Friday, November 30, 2007

Quick update

Much too late I will inform you that Sophie is crawling. She is also cruising. At this stage, it's probably not that surprising, but she started this about a month ago (I believe it was the weekend of my mum's birthday). Also, she just started waving. And not the open hand close hand wave that most babies seem to do. Her wave is more adult like. And very friendly. Her wave makes you imagine she is very excited to see you! or perhaps she is very sorry to see you go! but she loves you so much that she is going to wave her little heart out!
She has 5 teeth and we are waiting the 6th to come in, to even things out a bit on the bottom. She is pulling herself up and cruising along the couch and from the small piano to the small rocking chair (that wasn't pretty, she had a black eye for a few days). She LOVES the song, "The Grand Old Duke of York" which is handy in situations where, say, she is crying uncontrollably in the car. However, then you have to sing "The Grand Old Duke of York" repeatedly for miles on end which can be a bit well, repetitive.
She is also the most beautiful baby in the world.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A late post on Hallowe'en

So we (by "we" I guess I mean "I") went the cutesy route for Hallowe'en costumes this year. Jude was a chicken, Sophie a baby chick.
(This post just got a whole lot shorter, I'm typing one handed now)
Justin took the kids out trick or treatin' while I stayed home and handed out candy. Jude apparently caught on very quickly what was expected of him. Sophie was so cute people gave her candy too - all the more for Daddy- I mean Jude.
I think we're over the candy thing finally... in that he's given up the begging for "one piece? one piece?"
Typically, Jude seemed to have as much if not more fun giving out candy when he got home.