Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Like Mother Like Son

To all the people who I have already told this amusing anecdote to: I'm sorry.

My mum has told me a thousand times a cute story about my toddler mischief, ending in a hilarious punch line, delivered by a 2 year old (that would be me). Basically, I did something naughty and when my mum asked who did it, I blamed my baby sister (who couldn't move, much less talk) and when my mother expressed doubt in the fact that the culprit could have been Katie, I looked her in the eye and said, "Who are you going to believe? Me, who tells the truth? Or her? Who lies."

27ish years later:

Jude was playing with the remote for the DVD. At some point he pressed the "open" button and the tray came out of the player. This amused Jude to no end, and after confirming that it was he who made the tray come out, he set about trying to repeat his feat.
Now, Jude has been known to cause havoc with the DVD player, so I quickly put an end to his fun. A little while later, I was in the kitchen making Jude's lunch when I heard the unmistakable sound of the DVD player opening.
"What are you doing in there?" I called.
Jude let out a very guilty and excited shriek and I heard the quick pitter patter of his little footsteps running away. When I looked out into the living room, Jude was no where to be found. And the remote for the DVD player? It was sitting beside Sophie.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hate to Say Goodbye

My mum came out to visit us yesterday and spent the night.
She left this afternoon, and as she was walking out the door, I begged Jude to say goodbye to her. He was kinda "meh" about her leaving and was more interested in taking bottles of water out of the case and distributing them in the diaper bag, on the stairs, in the kitchen etc.

Now, to back track a bit, we have a habit of telling Jude to say goodbye to people too soon, so he is very cute and hands out hugs and kisses and the very people he has just said goodbye to end up sticking around for 10 or 15 minutes longer. Jude has caught on to this and is suspicous of people when they say they are leaving. You can almost see him mentally rolling his eyes when my mum (the worst offender) says she is leaving; "Yeah right," he thinks, "I'll believe it when I see your car getting smaller and smaller as you drive away."

Back to this afternoon.

I stood at the door waving to my mum and saying to Jude, "No foolin' Jude, she's really leaving. Come say bye-bye!"

Jude finally looked out the door and saw that she was, in fact, leaving and all of a sudden he turned into Judge Reinhold's character in the episode of Seinfeld where he thinks he could have done more for the senior Seinfelds. Jude was holding a bottle of water and he ran to the front door and started blowing kisses and yelling "Bye!" and waving his bottle of water in the air and it was almost as if he was concerned that she needed a bottle of water for the long trip home.
Of course, Nan was already in the car when all this was going on and by the time she could've looked up and noticed what Jude was doing, he had gotten bored with it all and closed the door. I don't want to say that he slammed the door shut, but it was awfully forceful.
And as I type this, I know there are a few people who are probably nodding along saying to themselves that yes, Jude can be somewhat abrupt when saying goodbye.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I just called...

To say, "I love you."

Jude calling Auntie Kate in Calgary. Miss you!

Gimme a head with hair

I am wiping a tear from my eye. Jude just had his first haircut. Cut by his father. He looks like such a little boy. A boy, not a baby. I made Daddy promise not to even think about touching Sophie's hair. Little fluffs of hair just kept falling and falling, as Justin kept cutting more and more hair.
Even as I type this, I am hearing Justin say that he is going to do some more touch up tomorrow morning, when he has the natural sunlight to finish the job.
And maybe it's just the pants, but he looks like he's off to join the army now.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Girl

She was actually smiling today ( one month old, if you are keeping track) but I had a hard time gett1ng the shot, I was busy trying to wrestle the camera out of Big Brother's grabby little paws. Speaking of Big Brother, he is currently trying to help me blog, so I will have to keep this short. Enjoy the pictures, hopefully we'll be able to get a better shot soon.

And while we're on the topic of cameras and Jude, when you hold a camera in front of his face, he yells "cheeeeesssseee." It's very cute.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

She's awake!

Here are some pictures of Sophie... With her eyes open. As requested.

Monday, April 2, 2007

A Day at the Beach

As mentioned earlier, we bought a sandbox for Jude. Lately, our house has been covered in sand. I don't know what that boy does out there, but when he comes in there is sand EVERYWHERE. In his hair, stuck to his face, in his diaper, socks, ears, everywhere. All day long I am constantly vacuuming and sweeping small piles of sand.

But he loves that sandbox. The other morning, I put on his jacket to send him out to play but before I could put his shoes on, Sophie started screaming. When I came back to Jude I found this:

He had put his own boot on (the wrong foot), and was looking for the other boot. If I can keep up with all the sweeping, I have a feeling that the sandbox is going to make a long summer with two kids alot easier.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Adventures of SuperDad - Volume I

There is a phenomenon out there that I call SuperDads. You see them at the mall, at the grocery store, etc. You can spot a SuperDad because he will be carrying an infant, usually a sleeping peaceful infant, while the mother trails a step or two behind... pushing the stroller, the grocery cart or holding shopping bags, diaper bags and sometimes even SuperDad's jacket.

Justin was the King of SuperDads when Jude was first born. I remember being in Ikea one day, we had just purchased something large and cumbersome and Justin was strolling along with the adorable baby, while Mummy stumbled along behind them, trying to juggle our purchases and the diaper bag and probably a couple of Ikea hotdogs, listening to young 20something women gush over how cute the baby was.

Yesterday, SuperDad returned with a vengeance. We were at Loblaws doing our weekly shop and Justin had the kids in one cart (the cart that has the car on the end of it) and I had the majority of the groceries in the other. I was trying to pick out the freshest looking grapes when Justin came up behind me. And then a pretty blond woman came along.

"I usually don't do this," she started, "But I just wanted to tell you how great it is that..." And then she noticed me. And the fact that I was staring intently at her, waiting to see where she was going with this. "Oh! You're here too!" she exclaimed and I briefly wondered if we knew her. She went on, "I was just telling your husband that my children are 16 months apart and my husband refused to take them both grocery shopping. I was just telling him that I think it's great that he's got both kids with him."

I looked at Justin, he was still staring at the woman like she was a bit loony, and then back at the lady again. She was still babbling about her husband taking one or the other, not both grocery shopping. I got the feeling that she was afraid I thought she was trying to pick Justin up.

And all weekend, Justin has been saying that I'd better be nice to him. Cause there are lots of women out there that find babies very slimming.