Monday, April 2, 2007

A Day at the Beach

As mentioned earlier, we bought a sandbox for Jude. Lately, our house has been covered in sand. I don't know what that boy does out there, but when he comes in there is sand EVERYWHERE. In his hair, stuck to his face, in his diaper, socks, ears, everywhere. All day long I am constantly vacuuming and sweeping small piles of sand.

But he loves that sandbox. The other morning, I put on his jacket to send him out to play but before I could put his shoes on, Sophie started screaming. When I came back to Jude I found this:

He had put his own boot on (the wrong foot), and was looking for the other boot. If I can keep up with all the sweeping, I have a feeling that the sandbox is going to make a long summer with two kids alot easier.

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