Friday, March 23, 2007

Do they even need us anymore???

We got the kids ready to go out this evening, we were heading out to buy Jude a sandbox. Sophie was crying when I put her in her carseat and Jude was whining. Justin and I were walking around in circles after we got them ready, trying to remember what we were forgetting (me: socks, him: I have no idea, probably keys and wallet). And then Sophie stopped crying. And Jude was strangely quiet. I looked over and Jude was dragging Sophie and her carseat towards the door. Probably telling her to get used to it. Reassuring her that it was only a matter of time before he figured out how to drive the car himself.


Anonymous said...

You'd better start hiding your keys. (And possibly the stroller, because I can just see Jude throwing Sophie in and escaping on foot.)

-Auntie Kate xoxo

Anonymous said...

How cute. I think he just got tired of waiting for Dad!


Erin said...

This is heart-meltingly cute... my eggs are cartwheeling right now to make their (29 1/4 yr. old) presence known!! Thanks to the cutest babies ever :) Can't wait to see all of you soon...