Saturday, May 26, 2007

And here's poor Sophie

Who isn't poor at all, she's adorable. She laughs a lot more than I remember Jude laughing at that age.

She has the most beautiful smile. Her eyes crinkle and if you smile back at her, you're pretty much guaranteed a little giggle.

She loves her big brother and he loves her sooo much, one of our calming techniques for Jude is to get him to kiss her when he's crying. Of course he loves to kiss her anytime, so she almost always has a big slimy wet spot on her head.
She's a chubby little thing, so round and cute. I call her my little chub monster, but in a loving way.
When we lie in bed Sophie and I, she looks up at me and I look down at her and smile and she smiles and scrunches up her shoulders, like she's shy, but she also looks absolutely delighted to be there smiling up at me.
She loves to be sung to. And she's not discriminating about talent either. She gets just as much joy from hearing Nan sing Chuck Berry (is that right, Nan?) as she does hearing Daddy sing one of his many made-up songs (So-phie and Dad-dy, best friends forev-er) or Mummy singing Backyardigans songs.
She also loves her stuffed animals. I guess it's because they're all so soft, but she is so happy to just sit with a few animals and relax.
So there's a little bit about Sophie. My baby girl.

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