Thursday, October 11, 2007

When Sophie was born, Auntie Kate gave Jude his own baby to take care of - so that he had a new baby just like Mummy. Jude goes through ups and downs with Baby. There are entire weeks where Baby does not leave Jude's side and you better make sure you have Baby with you when you go out because when Jude realizes he left Baby at home, well, there's a major meltdown. Other times he can take or leave Baby. Like, he'll take Baby on a walk with us and then if Baby should happen to fall out of the stroller, oh well. Bye-bye Baby. Justin said one day Jude was at the park with Baby (who was waiting patiently in the stroller while Jude played at the park) and one of the neighbourhood kids (that is to say, someone we know - not some random kid who happened to be at the park) picked up Baby. Jude ran over, grabbed Baby and shoved the little boy, who despite being a bit bigger than Jude, fell down with a thud. Don't mess with Baby.

So today I was putting Jude down for a nap and Jude was dancing Baby along the bars of the crib, making Baby say, "Hi Mummy!" (in a monster voice, it was actually pretty cute) and so I reached out and I patted Baby on the head and said, "Hi, Baby."
Jude snatched Baby away from me and furrowed his brow, "Gentle, Mummy! Gentle!"
This coming from someone who doesn't think twice about running over to my baby and tackling her and then rolling over on top of her.

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