Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sophie's Day*

*Edited to add actual text and pictures. Whoops.
So I haven't posted much lately, we've been busy getting ready for Sophie's christening. Which happened on Sunday. It was a perfect day, and Sophie behaved perfectly.

She looked like an absolute angel:

Sophie slept through the entire ceremony. I have to be honest, I was pretty surprised. I thought she would cry through it. Long church services are pretty boring for kids. Especially ones who need constant stimulation.

But back to Sophie. I still can't get over how beautiful she looked. I mean, she's always an adorable baby, but she looked ethereal on Sunday. Maybe it was the dress, I don't know. She simply breathtaking.

Here's a picture of Sophie and her Godparents, Matt and Carolyn.

And here are some other random shots from that day. As you can see, after church no pictures were taken. This is because I was too busy feeding my daughter and family and Justin was too busy superhosting.
Some of these pictures were taken by my Aunt Colleen and others were taken by Carolyn, and the rest by either Justin or myself.

Reading the bible, what a good godfather. (It's actually a hymn book).

"What kind of fabric is this?"

Haley and Sophie - they look like Haley's to me...

Sophie and Mummy

And the group shot.


Anonymous said...

Hey! What's the deal, no pictures, no stories? I logged on expecting adorableness, and demand satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

I agree!
Or is this a tantalizing tease??

Anonymous said...

Dan will provide you with some after church snaps