Thursday, August 9, 2007

Is the honeymoon over?

I couldn't believe it. This afternoon we were watching 4 Square and I was singing along to the French Canadian dance troupe and Jude shushed me. I looked over at him in astonishment, like, he just shushed me? And because I couldn't believe that my loving son, the very same boy who came down from a bath with his father and immediately climbed into my arms and kissed me about a thousand times while his father told me that he kept asking for me when they were upstairs, the little boy who called "Night night, honey," to me when he went to sleep last night, could be that very same boy to actually shush his own mother - well, I kept singing.
That's when he started shaking his head sternly, "No no no!"
So I stopped. And I sat there on the couch, holding my other baby, the one who likes my singing and sang quietly, defiantly, into her ear. And she smiled.

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