Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Not enough for their own post

A few anecdotes:

On Saturday we had some business to attend to in America and got stuck waiting at the border. We had left fairly early (so before breakfast) hoping that the kids would sleep in the car until we could get across and get something to eat... But we brought emergency supplies just in case. Jude and Sophie slept right up to the Queenston/Lewiston bridge and then woke up. Jude hammed it up for people in the cars around us (I kept seeing people drive past us smiling and waving at my backseat and hearing Jude yelling, "Hi!"). Sophie woke up and started crying and it was like, suddenly, she stopped. I turned around to make sure she was still breathing and I noticed that Jude was holding her hand. What a nice brother. And then I noticed all the cheerios on Sophie's lap. And that he wasn't holding her hand; he was passing her a cheerio. (Sophie is still strictly breast milk).

We are trying to give Sophie more tummy time, to get her ready for crawling. She doesn't like it so much. Especially when a certain older brother climbs on her back and yells, "Horsey!"

In this heat I am always afraid that Jude isn't drinking enough water. Especially since we are reluctant to give him a sippy cup and let him carry it around with him. He has a habit of shaking the water out into the least desirable places like the telephone charger, the hardwood floors, his books etc. I've started giving him half an inch or so of water at a time in a big plastic cup that he can drink like a big boy, and that I can make him drink in front of me. Yesterday I was drinking water from one of those cups and Jude came over for a sip. It was probably about half full and Jude took a sip or two of his own and then wandered over to where Sophie was sitting in the exersaucer. And he gave her a sip. And the water splashed all down the front of her shirt. The cold cold water fresh from the Brita jug. And she screamed bloody murder. Jude panicked and I grabbed the water before he could drop it and he started banging poor Sophie on the back saying, "O-kay! O-Kay! O-kay!"

I guess I have new pictures on the camera, but then I would have to go all the way downstairs to get the card. So maybe later today or tomorrow I will do a picture post.

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