Sunday, February 10, 2008

a wee bit more

And just a quick update:

Sophie girl is months old today. She is still not walking, but man! Can she ever crawl like the wind. She's fast. Especially if she's got one of Jude's toys and she's trying to get away from him.

She is crawling up and down the stairs with ease, she knows to back off the couch and my bed. She's getting there. I think it's in her nature to hold off on doing something until she knows how to do it right. She was slow to roll over, but when she did there were no quarter turns for her. She went from motionless to 360 rolling in a day. Same with crawling. She didn't do the commando style pull herself along or push backwards, she just crawled. (There may have been a bit of bum crawling, but not for more than a few days).

Honestly, I think she can walk. She just doesn't want to do the precarious tottering. When she lets go, she'll be gone.

She can also hold her own against her big brother. The other night Justin and watched the two of them struggling over something. We didn't know what they were fighting over, but we were curious to see how it would end. Suddenly, Jude went down and Sophie made a grab for something. When she came up she crawled away and sat up a little ways from Jude. In her hand was a box of raisins.

Unfortunately the box was closed so before she could eat her spoils, Jude composed himself and came over and snatched them. We gave her her own box after that.

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