Sunday, February 10, 2008

wow! More than a month

Since my last post.

This one will be light. Justin is at school all weekend so I am going into my 7th day in a row with the kids by myself.

As usual last night I was taking requests for the bedtime nursery rhyme singalong. Jude requested one of his favourites, Mary Had a Little Lamb. So I start singing and Jude yells out,

"No! Steve!"

Um, what? I rack my brain trying to come up with a song that has the name Steve in it. Of course I draw a blank.

"Are you saying 'Steve'?" I have to ask for clarification.

"Yeah, Steve," Jude confirms.

Uhhhh. "Sing it?"

Jude starts mumbling something to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb.

"You want me to sing, 'Steve Had a Little Lamb'?"

"Yeah!" Jude nods enthusiastically.

And that is how I came to sing, "Steve Had a Little Lamb" as a bedtime song to Jude last night.

For the record, we have no idea why of all the names he could have chosen he decided to go with Steve.

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