Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I haven't written anything in a while, because I'm not sure what to write. I guess there are some new things: Sophie is getting not one, but two teeth (the two on the bottom). Sophie ate her first meal (not a huge fan, but we're pretty sure she's had more flavourful things pass her lips courtesy of her big brother). Jude is talking a lot. I asked the doctor at Sophie's 6 month check-up how many words he should have by now. She said she'd be happy with 50. Justin and I sat and ticked 100 off the tops of our heads one night in the span of a couple of minutes. Then we kept adding to the list as the night wore on, or as we heard Jude come out with something we hadn't previously listed. I figure he's easily in the 200 hundred range.
He recognizes things. When we pull into Grandma Noreen's driveway he yells, "Gan-ma!" When we pull into my parents' he yells, "Nan!" (and when we get inside Nan's house he walks over to the top of the stairs and yells down at my dad who is almost always there, watching tv, "Hi Gan-dad!" And is confused if Grandad isn't there, "Where Gan-dad?"
He points to pictures and tells us who he sees, "Kate! Bup! Matt!"
The other day we were out of the house for a good 12 hours. We had a play date and birthday party the same day. At one point, tired and faced with more strangers bending down yelling, "Hi Jude!" in his face, he turned to me and lifted his arms up to me, "Home?" he said. As a baby, he would cry and fuss when we were away from home for a long time. He missed the smell of home, the comfort, the familiarity. And I used to make that excuse for him, "He just misses home." Saturday my suspicions were confirmed. He does miss home when he's away for too long.
Sophie is sitting up on her own, moving around a bit (mostly backwards - but she does seem to scoot herself sideways while remaining in a sitting position).
I will leave you with a couple of pictures, cause those kids are so cute.

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