Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Taking care of little sister

So unlike her brother, Buppy isn't such a fan of the cereal we've been feeding her. The first spoonful goes into her mouth with a big smile. The next one needs a bit of coaxing to get in there... All subsequent tries are met with resistance. Until Monday.

I set out Jude and Justin's dinner on the table. I went back to the kitchen and made Sophie's cereal and then brought that out to the table. I went back in the kitchen again to get my dinner and I hear Justin asking Jude where he's going. Jude says very matter of factly, "Bophie." He climbed off his chair, got Sophie's cereal and went back to his seat. Justin gave him a hand up and he sat and fed Sophie her dinner. And if Jude's aim was better, it probably would have been the most she had ever eaten. She opened her mouth wide at Jude's "Umm!" prompting and didn't even really get upset when the spoon slipped a little too far in the back of her mouth (Justin spent most of that meal saying, "Careful Jude! Not too far!").

The downside to this of course was that Jude didn't eat his own dinner. If we could only figure out how to get Buppy to feed Jude...

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