Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The first sleepover

Jude and Sophie survived their first sleepover at Nan's. Possibly because I was with them. We cleared out of the house on Monday (well, pretty much we had spent the last 4 days there, but we were coming home to sleep) in order to give Daddy both a quiet place to study and so that he would get a nice peaceful uninterrupted sleep before his big exam.

As we usually do when we are there, we took a trip to the park. It is a very happening park, much more so than our boring old one here. On Friday there was a grade three gym class running laps around the soccer field and when Jude caught sight of them he raised his arms up in the air and yelled and went running as fast as his little legs would let him. The arm raising was the toddler equivalent of pumping his fist and shouting, "YES!". We had to chase him down and quite cruelly hold his hand while we walked past them.

On Monday evening there was a girls soccer game being played and Jude didn't notice them until the game was over (thank god, I said to my mum on the way down, all they needed was Jude rushing on to the field to try to pick up the ball) but when he saw all those young girls (I'd guess they were around 11 or 12) in their soccer uniforms he got super excited. His eyes actually bulged out of his head and he started running around in circles talking gibberish. He was so excited his shoes kept falling off and he couldn't decide which way to go as all the girls walked past him on their way to the parking lot. I finally had to hoist him onto my shoulders. It was either that or stay until every last straggler from the soccer game had left.

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