Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We're melting...

Uck. It's so hot. Sophie doesn't care for the heat. It makes her sweaty and sticky. Jude doesn't complain, but when you ask him if he wants to go outside and play on his new slide in the backyard and he runs and gets his shoes and then gets visibly annoyed with you when you have the gall to ask him to put his hat on and you finally let him out in the back and he runs excitedly towards the slide.... and then the heat hits him and he runs back and bangs on the door and then pushes you out of his way so he can get in - you know the heat is getting to him too.

This weekend was busy for us. On Saturday Nan and Sophie and I went to Buffalo to look for clothes for Sophie Girl. I bought a few things, but not much. Jude hung out with Daddy all day. I hear they went out for breakfast, then to visit Grandma and then they tried to get a free boat ride down by the lake, but over slept their nap and missed it.

On Sunday we went to the zoo with some friends. Jude seemed more excited by all the food then the actual animals themselves, but he's still young. I guess at his age a Lifesavers Popsicle is more thrilling than a giraffe.
This is Sophie shopping in America.
And this is Jude. In the jeep. Hmph.
The zoo. Jude is much more interested in the piece of corn in his hand than in whatever is swimming in that tank.

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