Monday, June 4, 2007

Just called to say I love you: Part Two

The other night, I was talking to Auntie Kate while lying with Sophie and Jude. Justin came in to take Jude off to bed and before he picked him up, he told Jude to say night night to mummy and Sophie. So as per usual, Jude came over and gave Sophie a nice big wet kiss on her head and then gave me a pretty good smacker on the lips. Katie, listening to all this over the speakerphone, said, "Night night Jude!" and bless Jude's little heart, he came running over and kissed the phone.

On an unrelated note, last night during the same ritual Jude gave Sophie her kiss, then held my face between his hands and gave me my kiss, then rushed over to the bottle of Avene Mineral Water Spray that I have been alternately spraying on his diaper rash and then on his face because it makes him giggle (incidentally, it really works on the diaper rash), and kissed it as well.


Anonymous said...

So by kissing the spray bottle are you saying Jude would kiss any old inanimate object, a water bottle, the phone, his Auntie...

I love him anyway... xxoo
Auntie K.

becks said...

I'll have you know that's just not any old "spray" bottle, it's french and it's pretty expensive.