Thursday, June 14, 2007

Now we're fishing for mention?

If you read the comments on the previous post you, like Erin, will be wondering what the other remarkable thing Jude just learned was... Well, what with the time difference and the fact that I don't have Auntie K's new work number, I can't call her to find out what she is referring to.

But I think I have an idea:

As is often done in the Donovan house, I predialed the phone the other night and handed it to Jude. When Jude is crying about something (in this case his father shut the door to the office to study without his study partner Jude), we will hand him the phone so he can call his favourite aunt. It's called distraction. And it works.
This particular evening I cut the call short, because I was watching the semi-finals of Top Chef season two (which I have not seen who wins yet, so don't tell me). I told Jude to say "Night night aunt Kate," and Jude, clear as day said, "Night Kate."

This is remarkable as it is the first name (other than a garbled "Jude" and possibly "Nan and Grandad" and of course mummy and daddy) that Jude has ever agreed to say. I use the term "agreed to" because I believe that Jude is selective in what he will and will not allow us to hear him say. Last night he said "chicken" but he refuses to say, "Sophie"? In fact, when I tried to get him to say "Sophie" yesterday, he said, "Bup." This is what he calls her, "Bup". And I'm supposed to believe that he can't say "Sophie"? He's clearly just playing mind games with me.

Anyway, is this what you are referring to Auntie Kate?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, that is exactly what I was referring to.

Of course, I know Jude's been able to say Kate for ages, since before Christmas in fact but his mother has always insisted that he wasn't saying "hi Kate". But last night was certainly unmistakable...

Where do you think he gets bup from? is it like bab?

Love Auntie K. xoxo